What about storing my fingerprint, face or voice?
Trully one of the most important questions and one of the most posed questions.
yobi/biossl does not store images of your fingerprint or face, or sound recordings.  The data is translated by the algorithm to a hash. The hash is a digital data that cannot be reversed engineered to recreate the original.

​What if someone steals my biometric data?
Every digital data can be hacked. yobi prevents cybercrime.  The hacker needs your physical presence, your real fingerprint, face or voice. Every of our biometric algorithms detect if the data have been copied and detect the smart middleman trying to capture your password, to get access to your account.  The authentication process is done by a biometric OTP (one time password). A hacker (in case of he/she manages to have access to the hash) cannot re-use the hash, as detected by the platform as fraud.
yobi goes one step further, no hashes are stored no where. The biometric private key stays in the hands of the user, the biometric public key goes into the blockchain. Still a biometric OTP will confirm the final transaction.

​​What do you mean with Biometric handshake?
yobi converts the biometric hash in a private and public biometric key.
The public biometric key works as an address. When John wants to sent a transaction to Mary, John uses Mary's public biometric key as address and his private biometric key to approve the transaction. Only Mary can, with her private biometric key unlock the transaction which includes her public biometric key. John and Mary's are biometrical handshaking.

How does a biometric hash looks like?
Here is a biometric hash from one of our team members:

TVn8ADwybNc6b2gXL2yjHDmJ7HXDhc8uNXqu52dcawIf0yk/fNAqr/OSDH/u L9f37wfOv+aY8ITTNWKHH6TNJxaqAVoCEz6T6ChB0jq+Wn0oiHaMLazjLSSH

What if i change my mobile phone, or computer, or my account?
If the user is registered with yobi, he/she has access for life to his/her password, whatever medium he/she uses to get access. The biometric algorithms are based on international standards. In case the algorithm changes, the user will seamless be protected.
Security also means trusted devices. your yobi's biometric security is also connected to the unique ID of your device (desktop, tablet, mobile, IoT). In case of lost/changing, yobi's support team will, within a business day, give you access to your new device.

​How does yobi's business model works?
yobi is based on a small license fee per transaction.

​Where does the name yobi comes from?
yobi stands for 'your' 'biometrics'

​Do you have a MVP?
yobi uses a part of award winning BioSSL's platform, which on itself is up and running.

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