You are the crypto asset

yobi is a Biometric Authorisation, Authentication
and Verification platform, FOR, WITH and IN the blockchain.
yobi's authentication process is based  on the award winning biometric security platform, BioSSL (video)

  • yobi stands for ‘your biometrics’.

  • yobi is a biometric security platform for, with and in the blockchain.

  • yobi prevents cyber crime, identity theft and fraud and is fully compliant with the privacy of the user.
    yobi replaces, or is an add-on for, existing web & mobile access, like passwords and 2 factor authentication.



Face Recognition

Voice Recognition


 A chain is as strong as his weakest link

The weakness of the blockchain is the user himself/herself, because we forget, share or lose our password(s) or someone copies it/them, a paradise for cybercrime

The staggering number of ways that criminals are trying, every day, to get inside your database should be more than just a warning. Most organized crime gangs around the world are becoming much more involved in computer hacking and identity theft.

Financial transactions, trading of shares, exchanging & storing confidential data… all are vulnerable to Cybercrime today!

yobi uses BioSSL biometric verification and translates the unique features of the human body to a One Time Password and through her public-private biometric key, it becomes a unique handshake between him/herself and the digital world.

For, with and in the blockchain.

yobi's potential is not limited to secure cryptocurrencies or smartcontracts: Every single password related environment by the internet, intranet or extranet, secure the identity of a citizen, bank the unbanked, etc.

But there is more. Thanks to her unique biometric handshake, it can become a cryptocoin, that wears the identity of the owner, and only on her/his approval can be transmitted to another owner., who her/himself become owner of the coin.


Public Private Biometric Keys

yobi converts the biometric password into a biometric public and private key.

The private key is stored with user, the biometric public key is stored in the blockchain, our blockchain.


The Biometric Interoperable Protocol

Yobi’s injection of the biometric public key’s in the blockchain, ensures that the transaction goes to the right owner. Yobi validates the identity.

The Biometric Interoperable Protocol

Yobi’s injection of the biometric public keys in the blockchain, ensures that the transaction goes to the right owner. Yobi validates the identity.


How about storing your fingerprints, faces or voices?

One of the most important questions and one of the most raised.
yobi / biossl does not store any fingerprints or images or recordings of faces. The data is converted into hashes by the algorithm. Hash is digital data that cannot be reverse engineered to recreate the original.

What happens if someone steals my biometric data?

All digital data can be hacked. yobi prevents cyber crime Hackers need real presence, real fingerprints, faces or voices. All biometric algorithms access your account by detecting whether data has been copied and by detecting a smart broker who wants to capture your password.
The authentication process is performed with a biometric OTP (one-time password). Hackers (if you have access to the hash) can't reuse hashes that the platform detects as fraudulent.
yobi goes one step further and hashes are not stored anywhere. The bioprivate key is in the user's hand, and the biopublic key enters the blockchain. Still biometric OTP confirms the final deal.

Help? An Initial Exchange Offering ? Should you?

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a token sale supervised by a cryptocurrency exchange. IEOs are available exclusively to the exchange’s users, although some IEOs may take place in several exchanges. Just like ICOs, IEOs allow investors to get new cryptocurrencies (or tokens) while raising funds for promising crypto projects.


We are an existing company, old school you could say.  And our corebusiness is security.
That is exactly what an IEO offers to you, security of your investment.


Thanks to Emmanuel Darrell from DE Asset Management, we decided to launch our IEO with yobi by his good hands and experienced team and network. DE Asset Management has a proven track record, the right experience and international exposure to ensure our IEO and growth, with the same core values, honesty and transparency.

In addition to an easy-to-use interface and real-time dates, the BtcEX exchange site uses cold storage to specifically build your investment.

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