We encourage our blockchain soulmates and other new initiatives by helping them to integrate the biometric blockchain security.

A disrupting technological and modular solution for the control, management and security of all kinds of events.

A community and participatory social network secured by biometric registration. It aims to serve as a platform to allow members to interact with each other and access a multitude of secure services.

An Electronic Mobile Money Processing Platform for Merchants and Consumers.

A social market network putting a world of engaging content, charitable causes, and exciting projects at your fingertips.

A platform that secures financial transactions by identifying fraudulent transactions as they happen.

the mobile biometric self registration that changes definitely the perception of citizen enrolment.

Armtrack is a blockchain based application, stores all registered arms, including licenses and identification documents.

ARMTRACK will be secured by yobi.
Owners and Government have exclusive biometric access to the ledger.

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