yobi is a spin off of BioSSL.
is the award winning Biometric Cyber Security Platform.

Cyber crime theft is estimated at 113.000.000 USD per year. Firewalls, anti-virus software, hardware tokens and sms verification are in place but do not give the maximum protection.

BioSSL adds or replaces the password with the unique features of the user’s identity and creates a Biometric One Time Password ...without storing images or sound.

One time registration,
operational on all trusted devices.
Mobile or Desktop/Laptop compliant.

Biometrics Re-Invented

Registration and Identification of fingerprints or face is done online through the standard web browser or mobile app.
BioSSL is operational on fingerprint authentication and/or face recognition. and/or Voice. Iris is scheduled to be developed.


The system does NOT store any images, scans or biometric features on the local device or the server. It is the only solution with no risk if the device is stolen, damaged or lost.


In fact, we are so confident of the security that we challenge anyone to hack the system


With a simple One-Time Registration the user can verify his/her identity and then use it on any desktop, tablet , mobile, ATM or payment device.
BioSSL runs on all operating systems, web browsers.and mobile OS.

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